Age-Friendly Action Plan - Outdoor Exercise Park

In an effort to effectively respond to the needs of our aging population, the Village of Keremeos embarked upon a project to complete an Age-Friendly Action Plan.  In late 2015, the Keremeos Age-Friendly Action Plan was completed and adopted by Village Council.  A copy of the Age-Friendly Action Plan can be found by accessing the link below.


2015 Keremeos Age-Friendly Action Plan


One of the recommendations contained in the Action Plan involves encouraging a wider variety of accessible outdoor activities to support healthy, active lifestyles.  To undertake this action, the Village has devised a plan to install age-friendly outdoor exercise equipment to provide a free, social outlet for our aging population to exercise while also serving a diverse range of users and contributing to the overall health of our community. 

In early 2016, the Village received grant funding to complete this project and on August 13, 2016, the Village officially unveiled the new age-friendly outdoor exercise equipment located just south of the Gazebo in Memorial Park.


The new equipment will allow users to undertake a full range of strength and cardio exercises over five different stations and will consist of a circuit including a rowing machine, leg press, seated lat pull, seated chest press and two exercise bikes.  The equipment will also contain instructional placards for users to follow to safely perform each exercise.  A copy of these instructions can be found by accessing the link below.


Exercise Equipment Instructions


The Village has also made Workout Guides available for residents to follow to track and document progress with their particular exercise regimen.  A copy of the current Workout Guide can be found by accessing the link below.


Exercise Equipment Workout Guide


To ensure the longevity and utility of this new exercise equipment, prospective users are encouraged to bring a cloth to wipe down the equipment after every use and are encouraged not to occupy the equipment unless actively exercising so that others may continue to enjoy their particular exercise circuit.  Users are also encouraged to contact the Village office in the event that the equipment requires attention for maintenance purposes.


The purchase of this equipment was made possible by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, who contributed the bulk of project funding through a grant designed to enhance healthy living activities and health literacy within British Columbian communities.  The remainder of project funding was provided by individuals and organizations who generously contributed to the Village's fundraising campaign for this project.  These donors include:




Norm Dooley          Christel Nierbisch          Rose Mitchell          Jeff Shemilt

The Village is excited about the installation of this new equipment and is eager to learn about some of the positive health impacts this equipment may have on users in our community.  Residents have provided feedback regarding their intended use for this equipment in the form of survey responses,  which indicate that 85% of respondents intent to use the outdoor exercise equipment and 77% feel the outdoor exercise equipment will inspire them to adopt a more active lifestyle.  Survey results can be found by accessing the link below:


Outdoor Exercise Equipment Survey Results


The Village would like to thank all of the donors, community partners and advisory committee members who selflessly devoted their time, effort and resources to see this project come to fruition.  Your contributions demonstrate a strong level of commitment to the health and wellbeing of our residents and greatly reflects the community oriented character which makes our Village such a great place to live.