Board of Variance (BoV)

The Board of Variance (BoV) functions independently of the Village of Keremeos and has jurisdiction to issue orders relating to minor issues concerning land use and zoning bylaws.


Applications for an order of the BoV may be made where compliance with certain bylaws may cause undue hardship and where the variance is minor.  Examples of the Board's jurisdiction include a structural alteration or addition to a building containing a non-conforming use or a variance respecting the siting, size or dimensions of a building.


BoV applications require the submission of an application fee, completed application form, a copy of a State of Title Certificate dated no more than 30 days prior to application date, and other supporting documentation (i.e. site plans, elevation plans and explanation of the "hardship" being incurred) and are referred to adjacent property owners/occupants for comment before the BoV issues an order.


Time to Process Application: Approximately 3 months

Application Fee: $250.00


Board of Variance Bylaw No. 821

Board of Variance Application Requirements and Processing Procedures

Board of Variance Guide

Board of Variance Application Form