Evacuation Alert Information

Precautionary Evacuation Alert Due to Wildfire - July 31, 2018

On July 31, 2018, the BC Wildfire Branch requested that Keremeos and Cawston be put on a precautionary Evacuation Alert due to the Snowy Mountain wildfire. The wildfire could pose a risk of spot fires from flying embers in the region.  Click here for a map of the precautionary Evacuation Area.

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This is a good time to assess your home for fire risks. Please review the links below for FireSmart advice.


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Evacuation Alert Updates


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 28, 2018

BC Wildfire has recommended that the Evacuation Alert for the municipality of Keremeos by rescinded today.  The Alert is also being rescinded for Cawston, but areas west of Boundary Road in Keremeos may still be under Alert.  Please see RDOS website at rdos.bc.ca for detailed maps of the remaining evacuation alert areas.


The camp for Wildfire personnel will remain in Keremeos until the wildfire season ends.  We wish to thank residents for their patience and support as the local wildfire situation has been managed.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 21, 2018

Nightfall created a very dramatic fire scene in Keremeos last evening, but BC Wildfire indicates that there was no danger to life or property. Here is their report to the Village on the Snowy Mountain fire as of 2:40 PM today:

"Overnight crews responded to an active section of the fire burning along the north flank to extinguish parts of the fire as it burns down to the existing road. The fire has now moved along the ridge line west of the Barrington Creek drainage. Crews will continue suppression efforts throughout the day using small scale hand ignitions and water suppression.

This wildfire is estimated at 13,359 hectares in size. The BC Wildfire Service continues to monitor and respond to the Snowy Mountain fire. As temperatures remain warm, visibility improves and relative humidity decreases, fire activity within the perimeter of this fire will increase and be visible to surrounding communities. This is normal and to be expected as it is still considered an active fire. As a result the public will see the fire moving up and down draws within this area and as the fire backs down the draws crews will be responding with suppression efforts. Because the fire activity remains within the identified fire analysis area the status of this fire remains Being Held. This means we do not expect the fire to spread beyond this determined area."

For more updates, please continue to monitor the BC Wildfire website at bcwildfire.ca, the local Emergency Operations Centre updates at rdos.bc.ca, and keremeos.ca.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 20, 2018

Warm weather and winds have caused the Snowy Mountain wildfire to spread north/west and south over the last couple of days.  Wildfire Services currently has an incident management team working on the north portion of the fire which was very noticeable last evening.  Visibility has improved sufficiently today to re-establish air support to bucket water and map the fire.


There is no immediate risk to structures nor changes in evacuation alerts at this time.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 17, 2018

Wildfire Services is pleased to report that the Snowy Mountain wildfire is now classified as "being held" thanks to the fire guards they have worked hard to establish.  There will still be smoke and flames visible, particularly on hotter days, as the fire burns back on itself. 


Manpower and equipment has been redeployed to more active wildfires in the region as they bring the Snowy Mountain fire under control.


The evacuation alert remains in place out of an abundance of caution.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 10, 2018

Wildfire Services will be performing a planned ignition shortly on the northeast flank of the Snowy Mountain fire, creating a lot of new smoke.  Their objective is to burn off fuel and tie the fire guard line into K Mountain's rock face.


With the possibility of lightening over the next day, residents are asked to be alert for signs of new fires.


The evacuation alert remains in place.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 8, 2018

Wildfire Services will be setting up a new camp to house firefighting personnel in Keremeos.  The area of the camp will be on Veterans Avenue between 7th Street and 10th Street, including the rail trail.


The trucks will be rolling into Keremeos this evening and the camp will be set up tomorrow, remaining in place until the personnel are no longer needed in the region.

  • the dog park will be unavailable until the camp closes
  • users of the rail trail between 7th and 10th Streets may detour onto Veterans
  • Ministry of Transportation has authorized the diversion of transport trucks from the lot at Veterans and 7th Street
  • no roads will be impacted

If you see Wildfire staff, please welcome them to Keremeos!


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 7, 2018

The Snowy Mountain wildfire is now over 12,000 hectares and 40% contained.  Wildfire Services is pleased with the progress that they have been able to make over the last couple of days when winds dropped.


Substantial additional manpower is arriving tomorrow to help further manage the fire.  A large controlled burn will take place tomorrow between 7 am and noon (winds permitting) and will produce more smoke and visible flames.


We wish to make residents aware that some of the fire events in this area over the long weekend were unrelated to the wildfire.


The precautionary Evacuation Alert for Keremeos remains in place.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 3, 2018

Wildfire Services has called in additional manpower to manage the Snowy Mountain wildfire, now at over 10,000 hectares.  Their focus is on holding and managing fire growth and protecting people and structures, rather than attempting to extinguish the fire.  As such, residents can expect to see more heavy equipment and helicopters than water bombers.  Wildfire Services will be working on the fire day and night, but predict that it will be burning for many weeks to come.


Keremeos Fire Department reports that the spot fire that jumped the Similkameen River last evening is out.


During any periods of high winds, residents should be alert to spot fires caused by flying embers and call 911 if you see a fire in a populated area.


We will provide another update when new information is available.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - August 2, 2018

An unexpected cold front overnight brought winds that pushed the Snowy Mountain wildfire east and down creek draws.  Wildfire Services advises that Keremeos will see increased smoke and helicopter activity as they do planned ignitions to hold the fire line.


The Keremeos Fire Department will continue to conduct night patrol shifts to watch for potential flare-ups in populated areas.  Residents should continue to safeguard properties from sources of fire fuel and contact the Village Office at (250) 499-2711 or town@keremeos.ca if you observe falling embers.  We will provide another update when new information is available.


Update on Wildfire Evacuation Alert - July 31, 2018

BC Wildfire Branch has requested that Keremeos and Cawston be put on a precautionary Evacuation Alert due to the Snowy Mountain wildfire.  The wildfire could pose a risk of "spotting" (small flying ember fires) if it continues to burn north and east.  The fire is currently burning 12 kilometres south of Keremeos.  We will provide another update when new information is available.