General Voter Information

Eligibility of Electors (Resident & Non-Resident)

You can vote in the Keremeos election for Mayor, Councillors and School Trustees if you are a resident of Keremeos (“resident elector”), or own property in Keremeos event if you don’t reside within the Village (“non-resident property elector”).  Please note that corporations are not eligible to vote as non-resident property electors.


Voter Resource Materials

Voter's Guide to Local Elections in BC


Resident Elector Eligibility:

At the time of registration, the resident elector must:

  • Produce two pieces of identification (one with residential address & one with elector signature);
  • Be at least 18 years of age on General Voting Day (October 20, 2018);
  • Be a Canadian Citizen;
  • Have resided in BC for at least six months prior to registration; and
  • Have resided in the Village of Keremeos for 30 days prior to registration.

A person is disqualified as a Resident Elector if:

  • He/She has not completed a sentence for an indictable offense, unless that person is released on probation or parole and is not in custody;
  • He/She is involuntarily confined to a psychiatric or other institution as a result of being acquitted of or found not criminally responsible for an offense under the Criminal Code on account of a mental disorder; or
  • He/She has been found guilty of an election-related offense.


Non-Resident Property Elector Eligibility:

A non-resident property elector must meet the same requirements as the resident elector, except that instead of being a resident of the Village for 30 days prior to registration, the person must be the registered owner of real property in the Village for at least 30 days prior to registration.

A property elector may not register as both a resident elector and a non-resident property elector and may register as a non-resident property elector in relation to only one parcel of real property in the Village.

If more than one individual is registered as an owner, only one of them may register as a non-resident property elector for that property.  To register, that person must provide written consent of the majority of registered owners.

* Please note that a non-resident property elector must have been a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months prior to General Voting Day (October 20, 2018).


Non-Resident Property Elector Registration:

In order for a non-resident property elector to vote, the person must present the following:

  • Two pieces of identification, one with the signature of the elector and at least one of which must provide proof of residence;
  • A current property title, property tax notice or utility bill; and
  • Signed application form (can be downloaded through the link below); and
  • Signed consent form if there are multiple owners on title (can be downloaded through the link below).


Where to Vote

The Village of Keremeos’ Polling Station will be at Victory Hall located at 427 7th Avenue.  There will be two potential voting opportunities for the 2018 Local Government Elections:

  • General Voting Day: Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Advance Voting Day: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 8 AM to 8 PM


If you will be out of town during the voting opportunity days, you may apply for Mail Ballot Voting.


Mail Ballot Voting

Mail ballot voting will be permitted for those qualified electors who are unable to vote in the advanced voting opportunities or on General Voting Day, due to:

  • Physical disability, illness or injury that affects your ability to vote at another voting opportunity; and/or
  • You expect to be absent from the Village of Keremeos on General Voting Day, and all advanced voting opportunities.

Further information about Mail Ballot procedures can be found in the Village of Keremeos Elections Bylaw, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Election Bylaw No. 830

To print out an application for Mail Ballot Voting, please click on the link below:

Application to Vote By Mail Ballot

Once you have completed and submitted the application form and your voter eligibility has been confirmed, you will be contacted to come and pick up a mail ballot voting package from the municipal office, or it will be sent to you.  Please take careful note of the instructions for completing the mail ballot correctly, and re-submit the package back to the municipal office or a Voting Place during voting for inclusion before 8 PM October 20, 2018.


If you have any questions regarding voting or the 2018 Local Government Election, please contact the Chief Election Officer at or 250-499-2711.