Online Services

Click here to access Village of Keremeos Online Services


The Village is pleased to now offer Online Services for property taxes.  This new module will allow property owners to:

  • View Account Balances
  • Pay Property Taxes Online
  • View Property Assessment Data
  • Claim Provincial Home Owner Grant Online

To access Online Services, you must register for an online account.  Registering will enable you to claim your Home Owner Grant and pay property taxes as soon as you receive your Property Tax Notice in the mail.


Currently the online payment portal is only accepting payments by credit card; this service is being provided by a third party provider.  Credit card processing fees will be applicable to all credit card payments and are approximately 3.5% of the total amount being paid.  The credit card processing fees are collected by the third party provider and no processing fees are received by the Village of Keremeos.

* Please allow 3 to 5 business days for online payments to complete processing.


To Register for Online Services

Click here to register for Online Services.


Please visit the Online Registration page and enter a valid email address and password to register.


You will need to enter your Roll Number and Online Access Code to access your property information.  Both of these items are located at the top left portion of your Property Tax Notice and have been circled in red on the enclosed graphic.