Property Taxes


Property taxation is a municipality's main source of  revenue.  The amount of money raised through property taxes for municipal use is set by Council each year through the budget process.  The Community Charter provides very detailed regulation of municipal property taxation including due dates, penalties and interest charges.

The Village issues property tax notices annually (by mid to late May) to all registered owners for taxes covering the period of January 1 to December 31 of the current year.  If a tax notice is not received by June 15, please contact the Village Office.  If a sale of property occurs during the year, property taxes are adjusted by either a notary or lawyer at the time of sale.  The Village is not responsible for adjustment of taxes due to the sale of the property.

Property taxes are due the first business day following the July 1 holiday, with any outstanding balance after the deadline subject to a 10% penalty. An unclaimed homeowner grant is considered to be outstanding taxes.  The Village cannot waive penalties.

Tax Requisition

Although the property taxes are payable to the Village, the Village does not keep all of the tax monies for its own purposes.  Under provincial legislation, the Village is required to collect taxes for a number of other levels of government, agencies or bodies.  The Village has no control over the amount of taxes required by these other agencies and collects taxes on behalf of the following:

  • Provincial School Taxes
  • Police (remitted to the Province)
  • Municipal Financing Authority (MFA)
  • BC Assessment Authority (BCAA)
  • Okanagan Similkameen Regional Hospital District
  • Regional District Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS)
    • RDOS - Sterile Insect Release Program
    • RDOS - 911, pool and recreation centre
    • RDOS - general operations
  • Okanagan Regional Library (ORL)

For information and inquiries regarding amounts levied by other taxing authorities please contact them directly at:

School & Police Taxes         1-800-663-7867

Regional District                 1-877-610-3737

Library                               1-250-861-8696

Tax Rates

Tax rates vary among property classifications and are calculated by dividing the budget needs of the agency by its assessment base.  The appropriate tax rate is then applied to individual property assessments, and the tax levy is calculated.


Your property taxes are based on this formula:
       Assessed Property Value x Property Tax rate = Property Tax Bill

Assessed Property Value

The value of property for tax purposes is determined by BC Assessment Authority which is established under provincial legislation and is independent of the Village.  Your assessment notice is mailed by BC Assessment Authority annually on December 31.  You cannot appeal your taxes, but you can appeal your assessment.  Review BC Assessments’ Appeal Process for deadlines and details.

For information on your assessment contact the BC Assessment Authority Office at
       Toll Free: 1-866-825-8322; Fax: 1-855-995-6209
       300-1631 Dickson Avenue
       Kelowna, BC  V1Y 0B5

Property Tax & Assessment Online Search - allows you to check both the taxes and assessed value of your property

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